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In today’s world and in the pursuit of expansion, growing organisations are facing daunting challenges in finding the right talent. These companies are starting to take a serious look at workforce innovation to realise a competitive advantage, leading companies to understand the advantages that a global recruitment strategy could provide. Tasking a team of project management professionals to manage global talent search and employment requirements, consequently speeds up the implementation of needful change management.

Nebula360 has an established global network which connects to a worldwide pool of talented and experienced specialists. Through our customer-focused project management team, we help companies to quickly identify, recruit and employ new talents in key locations globally.

Without the need to setup a legal entity in new countries, companies are able to work with us to implement their workforce expansion strategies globally. Nebula360 manages our tailor-made recruitment solution and facilitate the project from recruitment, right up to employment of the chosen candidate. 

Through our work process at the backend with our global partner network, we become your Globally Localised HR Department.


  • Improved quality of hires
  • Widen your overall talent pool
  • Wider access to source for candidates with in-demand skillsets
  • Ability to hire employees abroad without setting up a local entity
  • Simplify the legal setup and get local support
  • Ensured focus on compliance wherever the project may be
  • Avoid costly and inflexible entity setup process
  • International Exposure, Local Expertise

What Are The Main Challenges Of Hiring Overseas Without An EOR Solution?

  • Our service-oriented team possesses decades of experience areas of Recruitment, Employer of Record (EOR) and Payroll.
  • We are dedicated to deliver a seamless service and thrive on customer satisfaction.
  • We are your single point of contact for the project.
  • We’ve built an international partner network that gives us access to a global database of skilled talents across all industries.
  • With connections across the country and a wealth of experience, Nebula360 is the perfect partner for both clients and workers.

Internationalise With A Global Workforce

Hire Globally Without Worrying

We have established international partnerships with leading Recruitment and Employer of Record agencies worldwide. The advantages here are in specialisation of local knowledge and effective processes for finding and matching the best candidates for the job.

Global Access

Equipped with a global pool of highly skilled candidates - we are able to provide qualified candidates for any job requirement.

No Stress About Compliance

We work with local HR experts and operate the hiring process for you. We have helped clients hire employees in more than 50 countries and take a keen focus on total compliance with local laws.

We Care

Our team is built on the values of service. We seek to understand your needs and take attentive care in addressing all points. We believe in the human touch.

What Countries Do Nebula360 Cover?

Nebula360 has been in the EOR space for more than 17 years and we are able to provide EOR and payroll services to over 150 countries worldwide.

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