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In today’s global economy, it is common for businesses to have employees across the globe. Yet, having a multi-country presence means you will have to keep track of the evolving employment laws in various markets. This makes payroll processing a complex and arduous task - and can often times put your company at risk of non-compliance. Therefore, many businesses find it more cost-effective and less risky to outsource their payroll.
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Compounded Problems With In-house Payroll When Hiring Overseas

Payroll polices in different parts of the world not only vary, but they are often extremely complicated. It’s not just these underlying problems as standalone issues either - the flow on effects compound the problems.

Complex Policies

Every country has their own unique laws, and it is tricky to navigate these subtle differences. Without an expert on board, it is easy to make costly mistakes.

Disparate Policies

Besides having to understand a plethora of employment laws and ordinances, you will also need a software platform that can help to effectively manage employment variances across multiple borders.

Flow-on Effect

The management of payroll complexities on your own is time-consuming and prone to errors. This will not only drive up costs, but also impact staff morale and productivity.

Advantages Of Payroll Services

Time Efficient

Letting Neubla360 manage your payroll saves time because this is our core business. This is what we do best. We’re the experts.

Fewer Errors

Not only do we have partnerships in over 150 countries, but we have a large and very experienced payroll team. When you run your payroll in-house, you risk a lag when staff go on leave or resign. Our size and expertise helps to circumvent these issues.


Non-compliance errors are easy to make and very expensive. In addition to fines and loss of staff members, you also have to resolve the non-compliance roadblock, which is a cost in itself. Nebula360 will help to prevent such risks from happening.

Save Money

Nebula360 can do it quicker, compliantly and with lesser errors. Our clients have told us that they have benefited significantly from outsourcing their payroll requirements to us.

Focus On Your Core Business

Our core business is outsourced payroll and we’re experts at it. Let us do the work while you focus on your strengths and talents.

What Countries Do Nebula360 Cover?

Nebula360 has been in the EOR space for more than 17 years and we are able to provide EOR and payroll services to over 150 countries worldwide.

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